Intelligent multi parameter reactor 5B-1F(V8) Reactor

Short Description:

5B-1F intelligent reactor is LianHua-tech latest development to ensure the safety of digestion process. It has transparent blowout preventer.It has 12 positions, using galvanized materials, anti-corrosion, and using aviation heat insulation materials to effectively prevent high-temperature scalds.

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Product Introduction

Dual blocks with 30 positions, A/B temperature ozone, supporting to digest 2 kinds of different items at the same time.

Functional characteristics

1. Dual blocks with 30 positions, A/B temperature ozone, supporting to digest 2 kinds of different items at the same time.
2. High quality material: Aviation material, prevent scald effectively.
3. Display: Large screen LCD display, user-friendly menu design, operators can quickly master the instrument operation method.
4. Wide range of parameters: To improve the versatility of the instrument, digestion temperature and timing time can be adjusted freely in a large range.
5. Intelligent heating: Automatically stops heating and power supply after timing.
6. Time-delay protection: It can set the heating time and automatically stop heating when the preset time is reached. Save energy consumption.
7. Intelligent digestion: The timer is automatically started when the temperature is raised to preset temperature.
8. Convenient operation: Digestion holes are numbered which can distinguish a plurality of water samples.
9.Double heating system: Can digestion two kinds of samples with different temperature at same time.

Technical Parameters

Product name

Dula block reactor



Digestion temperature



<± 2℃

Samples number

30 samples(A/B block)

Timing key


Digestion tube diameter


Hole height


Timing range


Timing accuracy

1 second / hour








AC220V±10% / 50Hz


 Dual block, and use aviation insulation materials to effectively prevent burns
● The digestion holes are numbered for easy identification of samples
● LCD display
● Freely adjust the temperature and digesting time
● Automatic timing
● Automatic alarm for arrival time and temperature
 Small and long life


Heating of water samples with indicators such as COD, total phosphorus and total nitrogen, or other laboratory heating usage.

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