Multi-parameter water analyzer 5B-3B (V10)

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Multiparameter water quality analyzer 5B-3B(V10) to test chemical oxygen demand(COD),ammonia nitrogen(NH3-N),total phosphorus(TP),total nitrogen(TN),turbidity,TSS, color, Copper, iron, chromium, nickel, zinc, fluoride, residual chlorine, aniline, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen,etc. It is a multi-function spectrophotometer.

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5B-3B (V10)
5B-3B (V10)1

Product Introduction

Comply with "HJ 924-2017 COD spectrophotometric rapid measuring instrument technical requirements and testing methods" All testing items are based on national industry standards: COD- "HJ/T399-2007", ammonia nitrogen-"HJ535-2009", total phosphorus-"GB11893-89".


1. It can test about 50 indicators, such as chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, free chlorine and total chlorine, suspended solid, chroma (platinum-cobalt color series), turbidity, heavy metal, organic pollutants and inorganic pollution. A number of indicators such as objects, direct reading of concentration.
2. Memory curve: 228 curves are stored in memory, including 165 standard curves and 63 regression curves. The corresponding curves can be called as needed.
3. Data storage: 12,000 measurement data can be stored accurately (each piece of data information includes the test date, test time, test 1, hour instrument parameters, test results).
4. Data transmission: can transmit current data and all stored historical data to the computer, support USB transmission, infrared wireless transmission (optional).
5. Intelligent constant temperature: the digestion power is automatically adjusted with the number of loads to realize intelligent constant temperature control with delay protection and other functions.
6. Calibration function: The instrument has its own calibration function, which can calculate and store the curve based on the standard sample, without the need to manually make the curve.
7. Built-in printer: The built-in printer of the instrument can print current data and all stored historical data.

Technical Parameters

Indicator COD Ammonia nitrogen Total phosphorus Total nitrogen turbidity
range (2~10000) mg/L (0-160)mg/L (0~100) mg/L (0~100) mg/L (0.5~400) NTU
Accuracy ≤±5% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±2% limit of detection: 0.1NTU
Anti-chlorine  interference Anti-chlorine  interference:[CL-]1000mg/L no interference;[CL-]4000mg/L(optional)       Test method: Formazine spectrophotometric method
Curve qty
228 pcs Data storage 12000 pcs display Touch screen big LCD
Test Support cuvette and tube printer Thermal  printer Data transmission USB or infrared transmission
Temperature range (45~190) Timing range 1minute~10 hours Timing accuracy 0.2 second/hour
Temperature result accuracy ±2 Temperature homogeneity 2 Digest time accuracy ≤±2%

Operation Environment
Ambient temperature: (5~40) ℃
Ambient humidity: relative humidity ≤85% (no condensation)

Other indicator (no standard chemical reagent in the package)
Chroma Analysis, TSS, Permanganate index, Nitrate Nitrogen, Nitrite Nitrogen, Free chlorine and total chlorine, Phosphate, Sulfate, Fluoride, Sulfide, Cyanide, Iron, Hexavalent chromium, Total chromium, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Cadmium, Manganese, Silver, Antimony, Aniline, Nitrobenzene, Volatile phenol, Formaldehyde, Trace arsenic, Boron, Mercury, Anionic surfactant, Total Arsenic Analysis, Ozone Analysis, Chlorine dioxide.


Get results in a short time
Concentration is displayed directly without calculation
Less reagent consumption, reducing pollution
Simple operation, no professional use
Can provide powder reagents, convenient shipping, low price
Can choose 9/12/16/25 position digester


Sewage treatment plants, monitoring bureaus, environmental treatment companies, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, textile plants, university laboratories, food and beverage plants, etc.

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