Turbidity Meter

  • Portable digital turbidity meter LH-NTU2M200

    Portable digital turbidity meter LH-NTU2M200

    LH-NTU2M200 is a portable turbidity meter. The principle of 90° scattered light is used. The use of a new optical path mode eliminates the influence of chromaticity on turbidity determination. This instrument is the latest economical portable instrument launched by our company. It is easy to use, accurate in measurement, and extremely cost-effective. It is especially suitable for the accurate detection of water samples with low turbidity.

  • Portable turbidity meter LH-NTU2M(V11)

    Portable turbidity meter LH-NTU2M(V11)

    LH-NTU2M (V1) is a portable turbidity analyzer. The detection range is 0-1000NTU. It supports two ways of battery power supply and indoor power supply. 90 ° C scattered light method is used. The dual-beam light source is used for the detection of drinking water and waste water, without reagents, and the results are directly displayed.