Low measurement rang portable double beam turbidity/turbid meter LH-P315

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LH-P315 is a portable turbidity/turbid meter The detection range is 0-40NTU for low turbidity and clean water sample. It supports two ways of battery power supply and indoor power supply. 90 ° scattered light method is used. Combined with ISO7027 standard and EPA 180.1 standard. 

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LH-P315 is a portable turbidity analyzer. The detection range is 0-40NTU. It supports two ways of battery power supply and indoor power supply. 90 °  scattered light method is used. The dual-beam light source is used for the detection of drinking water and waste water, without reagents, and the results are directly displayed. Support 1-3 points calibration.


1. Comply with standards: Comply with the double-beam measurement recommended by "HJ 1075-2019 Water Quality - Determination of Turbidity - Turbidimeter Method";
2. Professional testing: widely used in scientific research institutions, water plant breeding, environmental monitoring, swimming pool testing, water plants and other fields;
3. Dual-beam measurement: Two low-range measurement modes, infrared and white light, are available. The former can provide effective chromaticity compensation, and the latter is more accurate;
4. Screen display: Using a 3.5-inch high-definition color screen, readings and operations are clearer;
5. Algorithm innovation: nonlinear data processing; using ratio readings to effectively avoid the influence of ambient temperature. Measurement data is stable and reliable;
6. Dual-mode value output is more professional: built-in normal mode and signal average mode, the reading method is more professional;
7. The use of LED light sources is more reliable: high-intensity and long-life light sources are used to minimize maintenance costs. The light sources do not need to be warmed up for a long time before they can work normally;
8. Multi-point calibration: Multi-point calibration can be performed quickly, which is better suitable for various water sample concentrations and has wider applications.

Technical Parameters

Product name Portable turbidity meter
model LH-P315
Method 90 scattering method
Range 0-40NTU
Resolution 0.01NTU
Accuracy ≤±5%±2%F.S
Data save 5000 pcs
Measuring by Ф25mm tube
Weight 0.55kg
Size (224×108×78)mm
Print With portable temperature-sensitive printer
Data upload Type-C


Get results in a short time
No reagents need
Concentration is displayed directly without calculation
Simple operation, no professional use
90 ° C scattered light Method
Double beam


Drinking water, river water, Sewage treatment plants, monitoring bureaus, environmental treatment companies, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, textile plants, university laboratories, food and beverage plants, etc.

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